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If you have any questions, please contact any one of our friendly sales team members.
Dave Scalizzi
Chief Executive Officer
Dave started with Northland healthcare as the shipper receiver in 1993. Soon after he made the move to Purchasing and then Director of purchasing in charge of logistics. In 2007 Dave took on the challenge of a sales position, which saw him traveling to much of rural Manitoba and within Winnipeg. In 2014, Dave took on the responsibilities of CEO of Northland and will continue to ensure that the customer remains number one.
Tel. 204-786-3345 ext 233
Email: dave@nhcp.com
Rich Plamondon
Rich has worked at Northland Healthcare for 15 years and in that time has worked in both the shipping recieving department and Customer Service. Rich joined the sales team in 2010. Rich looks forward to growing his business relationships and expanding Northland's footprint in Manitoba.
204-786-3345 ext 223
Email: rich@nhcp.com