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If you have any questions, please contact any one of our friendly sales team members.
Dave Scalizzi
Chief Executive Officer
Dave started with Northland healthcare as the shipper receiver in 1993. Soon after he made the move to Purchasing and then Director of purchasing in charge of logistics. In 2007 Dave took on the challenge of a sales position, which saw him traveling to much of rural Manitoba and within Winnipeg. In 2014, Dave took on the responsibilities of CEO of Northland and will continue to ensure that the customer remains number one.
Tel. 204-786-3345 ext 233
Email: dave@nhcp.com
Gabriel Robert
Gabe has held numerous positions at Northland Healthcare Products, including Shipper/ Receiver, Customer Service Representative and Purchasing, which gives him the valuable background to provide his customers with the level of expertise and service they expect from Northland Healthcare.
Tel. 204-786-3345 ext 228
Email: gabe@nhcp.com
Michael Brown
With over 30 years in the medical/surgical supply business, Michael believes that customer service is number one. Having started in the industry as a shipper/receiver, he has worked in all facets of the business giving him both the experience and the knowledge to provide efficient and reliable service to Northland Healthcare Products customers.
Tel. 204-786-3345 ext 231
Email: mike@nhcp.com
Rich Plamondon
Rich has worked at Northland Healthcare for 10 years and in that time has worked in both the shipping recieving department and Customer Service. Rich joined the sales team in 2010. Rich looks forward to growing his business relationships and expanding Northland's footprint in Manitoba.
204-786-3345 ext 223
Email: rich@nhcp.com
Brian Allden
Brian graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science degree. He joined the Northland Home Healthcare sales team in 1997, focusing on mobility and mobility aid products. Over the years, he has attended several wheelchair seating and related seminars including, the CSMC and international seating conferences in Vancouver & Toronto. Brian strives to ensure that he keeps himself, his therapists and clients abreast of what's new on the market with regard to mobility and mobility aid products. Away from the office, Brian enjoys golf, hockey, tennis and spending time with his family.
Tel. 204-786-6786 ext 232
Email: brianallden@nhcp.com
Paul Howes
Paul joined our Northland Healthcare products team in 1993 after a number of years in the Opthamalic industry. Paul was born and raised in Winnipeg and attended the University of Winnipeg. He is very active in his community as well as within the industry. He sat on the Board of Directors for the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association in 2006 and currently serves on the communication committee in an effort to help further the cause of effective disability modification for people in need. Next to Paul's passion for hockey, he loves to talk vehicle modifications, so please feel free to book a consultation.
Tel. 204-786-6786 ext 226
Email: paul@nhcp.com